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A place where YOU matter.
​​​​​​​Where you create life BALANCE
while pursuing your DREAMS,
and live life with PASSION.

“The Wheel of Life gave me the desire to start building ANEW while helping me work through old habits and thinking that held me back. I appreciate the process Melissa's put in the program to track where I am, and the actions I'm taking towards my desired life. Thank you Melissa!”


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This self-led course IS for you if:

  • You are ready to make BIG CHANGES

  • Desire passion in your everyday EXPERIENCE.

  • Want to feel full-filled in your LIFE

​​​​​​​"Wheel of Life really helped me look inwards to examine myself and grow as an individual. The course material benefited my life in many ways by emphasizing how important it is to 'know thyself' in order to create balance in one's journey. Melissa's spiritual prowess guided me at a steady pace, so that I was able to process and digest all the wisdom that came from her throughout the course. I highly recommend the Wheel of Life to anyone at any phase in their life!" 


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Melissa Windell~ Visionary, Revolutionist, Inpirationalist.

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Melissa courageously and boldly looks life in the face and dances with it.

"At the young age of 37, she has successfully owned and operated 3 businesses.  Her first business she worked with the Earth through the field of landscaping.  Second, she worked through spirit in the art of Psychic Healing.  Now she has married the best of both worlds, the physical and spiritual, by weaving the art of Divine Purpose with nurturing the growth of Human Consciousness.  

She loves creating an opportunity for each person to wake up joyously and authentically to their inner freedom through uncovering their life's passions and activating their hearts longings."

  • I am ready to CHANGE the COURSE of MY LIFE
  • I am ready to RE-WRITE my life story into the ONE I WANT
  • I am ready to WAKEUP before I DIE
  • I am ready to live my life FULL of PASSION
  • I am ready to CREATE my DREAMS
  • I am ready to start saying YES to ME.​​​​​​​

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